Gender and Ethnicity


Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to discover new worlds of ideas, learning, entertainment and opportunity. To achieve this, we have to attract and retain talent that is fully reflective of the world we live in, and become the employer and publisher for everyone.

We are working in close collaboration with our employee networks and hearing directly from our staff in workshops and meetings to discuss pay gaps and this feedback informs our action plans.

We are aware that we are only at the beginning of our journey towards meaningful and lasting change within our business and our industry, but we pledge to continue to do our very best to become the employer and publisher for everyone.


The gender pay gap is the difference in average pay between all females and males regardless of the work they perform. The ethnicity pay gap is calculated by comparing the average pay of White employees and other ethnic minority employees in an organisation, regardless of the roles they do.

An inclusive future

We are committed to promoting an inclusive environment and therefore identifying where our efforts will have the greatest impact in driving sustainable change in the diversity of our organisation and holding us accountable for achieving our goals.

Our primary focus is to foster a culture of inclusion where everyone feels welcome and valued, not only within our company but also across our industry. However, we acknowledge that there is still more we need to do to fully reflect our communities and wider society. We understand this is a challenging and complex process requiring time and patience. We publicly to continuing our journey of taking action and driving change for a more equitable and representative workplace.

We know that if we want to realise our ambition to continue driving diversity in our editorial decision-making and creating books to reflect our broader society, we need to continue to challenge ourselves in striving to increase representation at all levels of our business.

We’re dedicated to enhancing the experiences and representation of our minority ethnic colleagues and maintaining a focus on inclusion for all employees.

Supporting the career development of our Black, Asian, Mixed Heritage and Minority Ethnic colleagues, which includes outreach to the broader community, plays a vital role in our plan to reduce our pay gaps over time and eliminate any barriers that hinder inclusion and entry. We know that increasing ethnic minority representation, particularly in leadership roles, will take time. It requires us to focus on attracting and retaining top talent and offering a clear pathway for those who aspire to leadership roles while providing the support, skills, and confidence they need to succeed.