Our skills

What we do

The tasks a publisher manages may depend on the content they work with and the publishing house they operate within. These are some tasks a publisher may manage during a normal day:

  • Review potential materials for publishing
  • Meet with creators and managers
  • Negotiate terms of publishing
  • Manage editors and producers
  • Collaborate with design professionals
  • Develop timelines for production
  • Create budgets for departments
  • Oversee publishing marketing efforts


Professional publishing

A professional publisher focuses on materials that communicate specific information about fields and standards. Areas in professional publishing include law, psychology, medicine, tax, accounting and engineering. Professional publishers don't focus on widespread success but instead on specific and niche audiences.

Hybrid solution

A hybrid publisher offers services to authors who want to be more involved in the publishing process. The author usually pays the hybrid publisher to edit, proofread and create their book, then receives the revenue from sales. Hybrid publishers often offer marketing services, but the author can invest in their own marketing as well.