Squash qualifies for the Olympics 2028 - Oak Tree Press ahead of the game!

Scott Graham, newly appointed as CEO of Irish Squash, couldn't have asked for better news in the first months of his tenure and nurses high hopes that Olympic inclusion will help sustain a current revival in the game's fortunes, both in the public appreciation of its art and the presence of feet on courts.

"The Olympics offers a huge platform for the sport to raise its profile and it also offers young players going through a great opportunity to become an Olympian and to make a professional career out of squash," he says.

Despite the black and white coverage and the ropey production values of squash on TV back in the day, players still became known beyond the narrow confines of club changing rooms. Players like our own Jonah Barrington, a combative competitor who once described squash as 'boxing with a racket.' - Irish Examiner

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