Word Time! The companion to Show Time!

Have you ever been concerned when you have to write a company report? Do you think that your writing is too wordy or too technical? Do you wish that you could be more concise or more tuned into your audience?


These are some of the questions Word Time! answers. The book is based on Elizabeth’s years of working with students and business professionals and on the notion that clear writing still matters in the workplace. In part because of the speed of electronic communication, maybe you have forgotten or need to be reminded of some of the basics of punctuation, grammar, and style. Word Time! will help you to write clear, credible, effective emails, reports, resumes, and design memorable PowerPoint – with greater ease. 


Like its companion Show Time!, about effective speaking, Word Time! is a short, practical guide to help build or rebuild your confidence in your writing skills. Buy now on www.SuccessStore.com.